Tips to choose airport taxi

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February 6, 2013

Tips to choose airport taxi – when to the airport in a city, usually you will be invaded taxi drivers who want to deliver to your destination. But usually, choose a taxi at the airport leads to charges are very expensive.

airport taxi

airport taxi

How do I choose the right airport taxi? Check out tips and review below, as quoted from Budgettravel.
Tips to choose airport taxi:

Know the standard price
Before boarding a taxi, always know what the standard price to get your goals. Ask friends or family who previously has been to the place you go so you do not have to pay higher prices.

Only use official taxis licensed
Taxi or cab from a company that is well known and has license usually already have the legal standard of service that will not disappoint you. Be careful, because usually many wild taxis at airports that do not have official identity.

Make sure the price before entering the taxi
After selecting a taxi, make sure first that the price will be paid by the taxi driver. Better yet, if the taxi has a meter so you do not need to bother to bid.

Find directions when you are on the way
Usually, taxi drivers trying to take road complicated and rotate, so the fee you pay more high. Therefore, make sure you know the path to the destination so it is not easy to carry to and fro by the taxi drivers.

Need to be vigilant, but do not go bad
Alert is necessary, but not until you look less suspicious of the taxi drivers. During the trip, invited taxi driver talking, who knows you could be exciting information about tourist attractions in the city.

There is tips to choose airport taxi you must know when traveling at new place, enjoy your trip!

taxi at airport

taxi at airport

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