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February 15, 2013

Hi newhotelus friends, after read Advantages backpacker traveling you want be a backpacker? Eits, do not rush. consider first the following tips to start backpacker.



Touring around the area to be a backpacker is still a trend today. If in 2013, you plan to be a backpacker, try to learn a few things first to get right knowledge about traveling with cheap budget.

Some things just need to be prepared to be a backpacker. Besides stamina, some items if required during the journey must begin packed. Here are tips to start a backpacker who reported ratestogo.

Backpacker tips

# Plan your trip
To initiate a trip with backpacker style, try to choose a route that was not too difficult. Plan with a friend or someone who has been going through the same route will surely make your trip easier. For lodging, you can call your friends who are at the destination, it is not likely you’ll get a free stay.

# Prepare bags
Being a backpacker not mean to carry bags are very large in size, exceed your posture. Customize your bags to be used with your needs during travel. Choose backpacker bags with strong materials and waterproof. Also, choose a bag with extra straps at the chest and waist. The ropes are useful to balance your body weight.

# Packing carefully
Make a list of items that you should take during the trip. Adjust also the terrain that you will take. Precise calculation would make you not carry excess. Some of the items that you should bring include jackets and personalized medicine.

backpacker bag

backpacker bags

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