Travel is not vacation alone

Post On: 27 December 2012
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December 27, 2012

Onward travel is currently not vacation alone. Activity was also charged with training skills, such as photography, cooking, and creative writing.



Travel agencies are now changing their tour packages to offer tours plus educational elements. The idea comes from the demand of the tourists.

In Italy, for example, the tourists will vacation accompanied by a professional photographer. Meanwhile, at Trafalgar, USA, travelers will learn to cook typical food of the area.

“This is only introduced two years ago, and many devotees. In fact, the number of tourists coming more and more,” said Matt Cameron Smith, Managing Director at Trafalgar travel agent, as reported by News.

“You’ll get a new recipe here. So when get home, you can throw a dinner party with a special dish that you’ve learned here,” he added.

“Getaway with learning skills has become increasingly popular. Guests happy when they can learn to make cheese from cow’s milk or learn how to choose the right wine,” said Casey, director of travel agent, Biznaga Travel.

In Fiji, a resort even add to the travel program of activities, such as writing, singing, and painting for its guests. Unmitigated, the teacher was imported directly from Australia.

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