Watch movies on the plane of British Airways

Post On: 29 November 2012
In: U.K
November 29, 2012

For those of you who love to watch movies while on the plane, there’s good news. Now, you don’t have to wait long to be able to watch the movie.

British Airways

British Airways (

British Airways has reached an agreement with the civil aviation authority that allows passengers to watch a movie or use the on-site aircraft entertainment systems, they sat until the aircraft has completed landing.

However, this rule applies only to aircraft of the latest generation of British Airways. This program will not change the rules for the use of the iPad’s private passengers.

Until now, passengers have to wait roughly over 1.5 hours prior to finally be able to watch the movie. These systems will be turned off 20 minutes before the plane landed for security reasons. So as quoted from the Telegraph.

The decision was finally taken after a series of experiments by British Airways. The experiment results show that the use of an entertainment system will not interfere with the security system of the aircraft.

Changes to the rules to be applied in the near future it gives another advantage on behalf of the airline. With this service, passengers will not be engrossed himself with the attached device. Information on the use of seat belts, turbulence, and the variety of information provided the pilot can be directly accessed through the screen behind the backrest of the chair.

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