Why plane can turbulence?

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February 2, 2013

Why airplane can turbulence? While in the air, not infrequently aircraft experienced a slight shock or so-called turbulence. Sometimes, shaking so hard that it made ​​the passengers panicked. Before you panic, it’s good to know cause turbulence on the plane.



According to the U.S. commercial pilot, Dan Levin, shocks was not because the plane damaged, but the flow of air in the sky. “Like water, air also flows. Flow of air is usually much faster in the mountainous area,” he said, as quoted from Huffingtonpost.

Cause turbulence in aircraft

In addition, the flow of air in the sky sometimes bump into each other, causing turbulence in the airplane. “Especially when there is a storm or other weather conditions,” said Levin. The movement of the clouds also cause turbulence in the aircraft. Especially when the clouds are cumulus cloud types, which looks like a thick cotton.

When there is turbulence, the plane will typically little ‘thrown’ up to several hundred feet. This also is when the shock caused by the storm or are in the air over the high mountains.

Each aircraft has a tool to detect the presence of shocks called AIRMET. With this, the pilot will help to avoid or at least minimize the causes of shock.

Turbulence in the planeare usually harmless, but this is why passengers are asked to always wear a seatbelt. So in the event of shocks, they will not be injured or bumped.



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